RUBIKON Center is a non-governmental non-profit
organization working in the field of crime prevention and
reintegration of people with a criminal record back into society.


Current Projects of Our Organization:

  • Grundtvig Partnership - Second Chance for Learning
  • Hate Crime / Violence Monitoring in Usti Region
  • Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project - Kultursensibles Konfliktmanagement (Culturally Sensitive Conflict Management)
  • Mentoring in Ostrava 2013
  • Find Your Job
  • Job Opportunities for the Socially Disadvantaged - Swiss Know-how
  • Job Opportunities for People Leaving Prison - Foreign Inspiration
  • I Work and Resolve Debt
  • Roma Helping Roma
  • Rubikon as a Job Prospect
  • With a Track Record to Work
  • Youth Program
  • Public Procurement in Jeseníku
  • Public Contract "Upgrading & Extension of the Juvenile Offender Probation Program"
  • Education on the Quality Services of RUBIKON Center
  • New Start